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Will social signals count in 2015?



Will social signals count in 2015?

Google have tried over the years to compete for your time with Twitter and Facebook but to no avail. Their last attempt was Google + authorship but this has now been scaled back. SEO business like ours have been asking clients to have a strong presence on G+ and ‘authorship’ in particular.

It was widely touted that this affected search engine positions and also improved the click through rate to a clients site. In August 2014, however, Google announced that they had terminated their authorship programs due to poor take up and that it had not been as useful as anticipated for users.

Because of this failure, it seems certain that Google will rely more on social signals from Twitter and Facebook when it comes to SERPs results. Google have always denied that there was any correlation between social activity and rankings but independent research shows the opposite is true.

Despite Google’s claims, many in the search community believe that social signals are already part of the ranking algorithm and will become a bigger component in 2015.

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