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The Biggest Killer Of A Marketing Campaign – Time



The Biggest Killer Of A Marketing Campaign – Time

However, time remains the biggest killer, as it is often forgotten about or not given as much attention or regard as it should.

Even so, if you manage your time correctly and give this aspect of marketing the same amount of respect as the content itself, you’ll end up with a successful and prosperous campaign. That being the case, here are some top time management tips and tricks.

Come up with a plan of action

 Although it might sound counter-productive, spending some of your precious time on planning and preparing a marketing campaign before entering the implementation stage will make things a whole lot easier. By thinking about things like your target audience and marketing techniques, you’ll find out where more time needs to be spent. Identifying potential problems or issues early on will save time in the long run too.

 Create goals

 What is the main purpose of your marketing campaign? To improve brand exposure? To build better customer relationships? To promote a particular product or service? Or to increase revenue and sales? By coming up with specifically defined objectives, aims and intentions, you can be sure that time is being used efficiently and effectively.

 Prioritise your most important tasks

 At the start of each day, prioritise your most important tasks and set a performance benchmark. If certain duties or pieces of work definitely need to be complete by close of play, do those first. Some tasks might not sound too fun or exciting, but if you break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks, they will be easier to complete.

 Delegate certain tasks to others

 Even if you prefer being in charge, there will come a time when the workload is simply too big to manage alone. However, this could be a blessing in disguise, as delegating or outsourcing certain projects or assignments can be extremely beneficial. Digital agencies or marketing experts will posses the skills and knowhow to create original content, manage PPC accounts or administer social media profiles.

 Establish a schedule or routine

 You are much more likely to complete certain tasks or duties if there is a specific deadline coming up. So, create a daily schedule or weekly routine and make sure you stick to it. This is bound to increase productivity, capacity and efficiency as well as reducing the detrimental impact of time.

 Get organised and stay organised

Make sure every single document, file, database or report to do with your marketing campaign can be accessed quickly. If not, you’ll be wasting precious time, which could be spent elsewhere. Be ruthless with your organisation and create a structured system or hierarchy of important information. But whatever you do, don’t get lazy over time or you’ll pick up bad habits again.

Learn to say no

 Saying no or stating that you don’t have time to do something is not rude; it is often a matter of fact. Remind others that you are currently committed to completing another project and want to do the best job possible. Not only will they respect your response, they’ll leave you alone too.

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