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In the UK, Yahoo is very much the poor relation when it comes to search. Estimates vary but Google has circa 90% of the market and Yahoo! perhaps 6%. An announcement in the USA that Firefox has chosen Yahoo! as it’s default search engine may change things over here as well. The announcement was that Yahoo and Mozilla Firefox just announced a “strategic five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search experience for Firefox in the United States on mobile and desktop.”



Google are notoriously difficult to talk to about site optimisation and search related topics. Everything is done through forms and forums unless you are using PPC advertising in which case you can get in touch with a representative usually based in Dublin. There are a lot of touch points for Google and here are some of them for your interest. Whether you are a business beginner or seasoned technical whizz, you will find something here.



Google’s search engine is the single most powerful source of leads, sales, enquiries, phone calls, plus much more for your business. Google want their users to easily find exactly what they want. Over the years, Google has changed its search engine algorithm, and many of the techniques that marketers stood by a few years ago are now defunct. This means that there’s no place for old-hat search engine optimisation techniques in today’s world and for your business to thrive, you need to be more careful than ever when building your online presence.