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There are many ways of driving visitors, engagement and enquiries to a website and social media is one of them. Whether this is a good use of your time and money depends very much on whether there is an opportunity to engage with a wider community of potential customers in this way.

Social media is about building an online profile or brand on the social networks that are relevant to your business.

Once people recognise you as a valuable resource for information you become more powerful in that community. Your postings, bookmarks, articles, submissions etc. take on greater value than any anonymous contributions. The ultimate goal is the power of influence. Once you have a voice in the community, marketing becomes a soft sell rather than a hard one.

We start by identifying the platforms that best suit your business. If your market is affluent women and you have something visually engaging then Pinterest is a great place to be. If your market can be segmented by age and interest groups then Facebook is as good a place as any.

If yours is a business to business operation then Linkedin is where your future customers might be found. Twitter can work extremely well is a variety of different ways. Businesses often use social media across a variety of platforms

Working with your search engine optimisation campaign, social media will drive more visitors to your website which will in turn drive more conversions and brand awareness.

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