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SEO Glossop. How to Rank a Page



SEO Glossop. How to Rank a Page

This is probably being viewed by you because you searched for ‘SEO Glossop’ and found this on page one of Google. The thing is that ranking highly for SEO is extremely difficult because people in the industry know exactly how to rank any page. Despite that, this page took less than one week to appear and if it had been something easier, it might well have been top of the page.

The Simple Trick

Here is is! Big roll of the drum. Make sure you say what you do and where you do it on your website. The places to do this are in a thing called your page title and Meta description. These are the two elements that Google show in the search results. Here is what you see for our website –

SEO, Web Design & Branding | Glossop | Buxton | Stockport


 Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses in Glossop, Buxton, Ashton & Stockport. Years of Provable Success.
Notice that we have what we do and where we do it all by using 60 characters or less which is all that Google display. Our description says it all but with 158 characters or less. In other words we say what we do, where we do it and why you should use us in a very small space. This works for any business and it is the very basic first step you need to get your site moving up the results. Google, Yahoo, Bing etcetera do not send people to appraise your website, They send robots and the robots can only read the words that you use. If you use the correct words in the correct way then you are on the way to success.
If you do need a search engine optimiser in Glossop then I can recommend a guy with years of success – me 🙂

Web designers in the main are clueless about building websites that get found. They prefer instead to build websites that look good  and then wander away to leave you wondering why nobody calls or enquires. Dark Peak Digital are the polar opposite of most web agencies. We start with the view that your website needs to attract and convert visitors and then we work back from that to the design. It costs no more but generates a whole lot more by way of a return on your investment.

Local businesses in the main are still living in the past with their understanding of how people search these days for products and services. Did you know for instance that the free service that Google provide, www.google.com/business is still not used by around 90% of Glossop businesses. This  service puts your business information on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus so that customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using to search.

Imagine now, that you had multiple pages optimised for multiple terms in multiple geographies and all of them ranked well! Take another leap and imagine that your website converted a good portion of those visitors to sales or enquiries. No need to imagine at all because that is exactly what we offer to our clients with our search engine friendly website design service.

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