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What Does Search Engine Friendly Design Mean?



What Does Search Engine Friendly Design Mean?

Breaking down the idea of what a search engine friendly design to its most simplest components is easy! You have a website that you expect to generate new business for your company, you may not know it or not but your very success is dependent upon a search engine friendly design. The internet is complex. Search engines are complex. So complex in fact that an alarmingly high rate of  consumers believe that Google is the internet!

Search Engine Friendly Design

What does this mean to you? It means that if you do not want to miss out on the potential business you better hope that when someone uses a search engine like Google to find products or services your businesses web site is returned as a possible option near the top of the results list.

Think About the Old Yellow Pages

Before the internet became the way people search for businesses they used the “yellow pages” or other phone directories to locate a business entities. The businesses were indexed in alphabetical order according to region. Today people use the internet in the same way EXCEPT the companies are not indexed in alphabetical order. They may be listed by region depending on what is typed in the search engine. Today keywords are looked for to determine which business will best meet the searchers needs. Those keywords are what makes a search engine friendly web design very important. You want the search engines to recognize your business and return them near the top of the results list to drive more traffic to your site. Think of it this way when the “Yellow Pages” and other phone directories were being used to locate businesses one of the suggestions was to BOLD your business name. Using the right company to facilitate your search engine friendly design is sort of the equivalent. It is a way to get noticed easier!

Affordable SEO Services

While Dark Peak Digital does a superior job of creating search engine friendly web design, you do want to compliment it with affordable SEO services that will keep the traffic flowing. Search engine friendly web design is like a calling card to search engines to list your business in their result pages and the excellent affordable SEO services is like the print on the calling card that makes finding your business even easier!

Make The Choice For Success

Without the proper web design you are throwing time and effort into a giant black hole. Search engines do not recognize you and consumers can not find you. You do have options even if your website has already been launched. Dark Peak Digital can help you to upgrade and revamp an existing site. Search engine friendly design means that you will have the traffic that you expect and you will get the most out of your on-line marketing attempts!

This is a great video from Google’s main man for search engine optimisers, Matt Cutts. Matt explains how Google search works.


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