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In recent years, the power and popularity of social networking has been there for all to see. From interacting with friends on Facebook to catching up with the latest news on Twitter and posting pictures on Instagram, these websites are now a part of our daily lives.

While YouTube may not necessarily be your archetypal social network, it still encourages users around the world to create, upload, view and share content over the Internet. So do people go to YouTube to be educated or entertained? The answer is both.

Learning resource

 In the past, finding the answer to a common question or problem wasn’t necessarily an easy task. It would usually require looking in a book or asking a friend, both of which were potentially time consuming.

This was eventually replaced by searching the Internet via Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers. While these resources remain valuable and important, YouTube now offers a new realm of possibilities.

Not only can you watch instructional videos, there is also the opportunity to increase your learning capacity. YouTube is a place where users can access classroom content, discover documentaries or simply look at product reviews.

At dark peak digital, we recognise the importance of social networks like YouTube as a way of promoting your business. This can be done in numerous ways, not least by giving your audience a way to learn more about goods, services or the company’s brand.

Pleasure and leisure

 Even though YouTube can be a great way to gain an understanding of numerous subjects or topics, its fundamental purpose is to entertain.

Whether you’ve spent hours on end watching suggested videos or tuned in to television shows dedicated to the site’s most popular content, it is difficult to ignore the entertainment value of YouTube.

While creating, producing and editing videos might seem like a drawn-out process, it can be a simple and effective way of connecting with customers on a personal level. In addition to a company blog or photo stream, shooting unique videos of the workplace, staff or operations will provide lots of entertainment.

With nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visiting YouTube, the benefits for any business are huge, regardless of the type of content on offer. Although comprehensive social media management takes time to implement and oversee, dark peak digital can help deliver any campaign. With us, both website integration and customer interaction is taken care off, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business.




Even though written content isn’t going away, people LOVE the being able to watch a video. Just look at the mega-giant YouTube. Thousands and thousands of videos get uploaded every single day, and it keeps growing, and it’s here to stay.

Why Video?

Your website should entice online visitors to come and experience your product. It is therefore important for you to maximise the interaction by showing them what they could be experiencing.