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Even though Twitter is a place where you can tell friends and followers about how bad your day at work is going or post a picture of that evening’s dinner, it is a hugely significant and influential marketing platform for business.

Social media enables any organisation to communicate directly with consumers or clients, build brand identity, improve website traffic and ultimately generate more revenue. While other networks and channels may be more beneficial to certain types of business, Twitter can be taken advantage of and put to good use by any marketer.

Although you have got the opportunity to tweet all day until your heart is content, without knowing whether activity is having a positive impact or not, there is not much point in even logging in. Therefore, measuring Twitter engagement is crucial if you want to succeed.

What is Twitter engagement?

 It may feel like posting company updates or re-tweeting content is enough to make a social media impact, but this is simply scratching the surface. Twitter is a two-way communication channel, which compels you to interact and engage with others.

Therefore, if you’re successfully engaging on Twitter, your brand should start receiving more mentions and followers while posts will be favourite and retweeted to a greater extent. Once you start to notice these indicators, it will be time to measure Twitter engagement.

Define your goals and objectives

 Before you start measuring your engagement, it is extremely beneficial to determine what you want to achieve. From increasing awareness and website traffic to improving reputations and relationships with customers, your Twitter activity will be much easier to track and analyse with some defined goals and objectives.

Define metrics and indicators

 After figuring out what you want from Twitter, think about how these targets will be measured. This can include but is not limited to growth, reach, traffic and conversions. You could be getting lots of new followers, but they may not be interacting with your account. Certain posts might be favourited or retweeted, but website traffic and conversions could be lacking.

Measurement tools

 The best way to monitor and analyse follower patterns or tweet trends is by using a measurement tool. This way, you’ll be able to focus on particular aspects of your Twitter footprint and improve end results.

Klout – This particular resource gives you a social influence rating from 1 to 100 by determining the size of your network, correlating created content and measuring user interaction. After receiving a Klout score, you can use various tools to improve your rating with better engagement.

Twitalyzer – Measuring every aspect of your activity and presenting it in easy to understand dashboard, Twitalyzer is a ‘one stop shop’ for measuring engagement. With this tool, you can also browse topics, hashtags and influencers relating to your line of work.

TweetReach – This enables you to find out how many impressions your account’s activity is receiving beyond its followers. In addition to providing data about the engagement levels of your audience, TweetReach also presents information about trending topics, industry influencers and competitor activity.

This is our page, explaining the Dark Peak approach to social media marketing.



As high-street shops continue to struggle and traditional forms of retail become less effective, an increasing number of businesses are making goods and services available online.

What’s more, interacting and communicating with customers on social network sites is now a fundamental aspect of current marketing strategies.

But what relationship do these two have? What benefits can come from integrating social media and e-commerce?



Social media has become a normal everyday part of many people’s lives. Most people “check in” with their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest at least once everyday (of course in most cases it is not a check in it is a constant on status thing). If you are not using social media to as part of your small business online marketing campaign you are missing out on a large section of potential clients/customers. Affordable SEO services can help you get the attention you want to get from this sector of the world.