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If you are here, then there’s a good chance you know what pay-per-click ads are and what they look like. If you don’t, simply head over to Google.co.uk and search for ‘red shoes’ – (or here’s a direct link if you’re feeling lazy). On that Google results page you will see a search result right at the top with the words ‘Ad’ next to it, and there may be some more to the right and below the regular search results. Those are pay-per-click advertisements.

Now that you know what they look like, let’s dive into how to write them properly.

Here’s an example of a perfect PPC ad for red shoes:

Red Shoes at Miss Temple


Buy red shoes online at Miss Temple

Free delivery! Top prices! Buy now!

That ad may seem incredibly short, but there’s a good reason for that – pay-per-click ads, on Google’s platform at least, are broken down as follows:

  • Headline: This should have a maximum length of 25 characters;
  • Display URL: This should have a maximum length of 35 characters;
  • Description line #1: This should have a maximum length of 35 characters;
  • Description line #2: This should have a maximum length of 35 characters.


This is the most important part of your ad. You only have 25 characters to play with, so it is essential that you get your keyword in there and a USP.

Display URL

This element should never be overlooked; a display URL with your keyword in the URL will improve click-through rates considerably.

Description line #1

This is your opportunity to sell your product, service or promotion. It should get to the point straight away and entice searchers to click your ad.

Description line #2

This can either follow on from the first description or accentuate a key selling point, such as free delivery, 30 days warranty or another perk.

It’s important to note that your descriptions can be longer than 35 characters – however Google will only show the first 35 characters in their search results.

Getting your PPC Ad Copy Right

Get noticed in the crowded search results by following these best practices:

  • Include only your most important promotions to keep things simple;
  • Include prices, sale offers and discounts;
  • Always have a call to action such as: Buy Now! Sign up now! Call today!
  • Always include the most important keywords you are bidding on in the headline;
  • Make sure your landing page copy matches your ad copy; it doesn’t have to be nigh on identical, but it should at least mention the same keywords.

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