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In case you’re not aware of the term, marketing automation refers to technology that can automatically streamline and measure common marketing tasks such as lead generation, segmentation, customer retention and ROI measurement.In theory, this can increase operational efficiency, minimise the cost of labour and ultimately grow revenue faster.However, question marks remain as to whether marketing automation actually works. Sure there are benefits to implementing this technology, but there are drawbacks as well.

When marketing automation works

Through marketing automation, routine and repeatable tasks like managing leads, ranking prospects and managing a comprehensive database are effectively taken care of. A great example of marketing automation working is Amazon. When you click on a product, its marketing automation software kicks into life and presents the prospective buyer with personalised content based on what they are viewing or previously bought.

This kind of automation not only provides the customer with a better user experience, it also allows the business to evaluate the effectiveness of site content in real time.

When marketing automation doesn’t work

 Just like SEO, marketing automation has been adopted as an industry buzzword. Several people believe that it solves every single problem or annoyance associated with turning prospects into satisfied customers. However, this means that generating inbound leads is often completely forgotten about. Even though you can buy lists of leads to nurture, they often turn out to be an irrelevant and unfruitful audience. There is every chance of attracting a few quick customers fairly easily, but long-term future success is far from guaranteed.

Getting the right balance

 Therefore, it is crucial to remember that market automation does not necessarily generate leads for you, but it can help identify and nurture quality prospects. From these potential customers, marketing automation can help deliver personalised content with behavioural data and tools based on unique interests. Here at PILR Marketing, we aim to deliver straightforward services and processes to help maximise your marketing footprint online. From marketing automation to search engine optimisation and social media management, we pride ourselves on striking the right balance for all our clients.

Is marketing automation right for you?

Are you…

  • Generating a healthy amount of new and qualified leads?
  • Overwhelmed by the number of quality leads you are creating?
  • In agreement with sales and marketing teams about lead conversations?
  • Tracking the body language of digital leads?
  • Interested in scaling a proven lead nurturing strategy?

 If so, get in touch with Dark Peak Digital today to find out how we can help with addressing and answering these questions.



However, time remains the biggest killer, as it is often forgotten about or not given as much attention or regard as it should.

Even so, if you manage your time correctly and give this aspect of marketing the same amount of respect as the content itself, you’ll end up with a successful and prosperous campaign. That being the case, here are some top time management tips and tricks.