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About Us

Dark Peak Digital will help grow your business through search engine optimisation and SEO friendly website design

Lyndon Ogden PPC

Lyndon Ogden

Digital marketer and search engine optimiser.

Twenty five years of experience in sales & marketing with the last nine years dedicated to search engine optimisation and digital marketing.


Tim Bradley

Brand Specialist, Creative Designer & Web Designer.

Eight years of experience in building business ready websites, designed not just to look good, but focused on attracting visitors and making money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you really make any website perform better in search engines? Absolutely, yes.
  • Do you design WordPress based websites? Yes and lots of them because it’s the least expensive route to a high performing website.
  • Is content, link building and social media part of your offering? We analyse what you need to beat your competitors and these can be elements of the plan. Link building and content in particular are what Google look for on top of well-built pages.
  • What about mobile websites? Mobile accounts for around 30% of all business searches and its rapidly heading for fifty percent plus. We build websites that work beautifully on mobile phones and tablets.
  • How about bespoke design? You dream it and we can build it.
  • Do you build e-commerce stores? – Yes and we have plenty of success stories to share with you.