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Search Engine Ranking Factors Explained



Search Engine Ranking Factors Explained

Google and the other major search engines have a formula for ranking where a website sits in SERP’s (search engine results pages). Not only do they never disclose their search engine ranking factors, they change them regularly so that people like me cannot guarantee success based on a static algorithm that can be gamed (gaining advantage by underhand means).

Search Engine Ranking Factors Explained

In fact there are estimated to be over 300 different ranking factors and all of these have different weightings that shift regularly. Even Alan Turing the famous mathematician and cryptographer recently played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the excellent The Imitation Game would have got nowhere near the answer to this riddle.

The definitive list (perhaps)

For example, if I wanted to promote the term SEO Stockport, I could not rely on any one or two factors in order to rank. Until yesterday, I had never seen an attempt to define all the factors in a single place. This exceptional piece on the subject by Brian Dean of backlinko.com changed all that and my heartfelt thanks to Brian for what must have been a long and difficult task.

The truth is that when writing a page, you cannot possibly keep in mind so many different search engine ranking factors. You do however need to understand the most important on-page elements and this piece from Rand Fishkin of moz.com entitled ‘visual guide to keyword targeting onpage optimization’ is as good as it gets to breaking out the most important elements. Prior to writing a page you need to decide what term or terms you are hoping to rank for. This post on keyword research may be a help to you with this.

And finally

The default for all website owners is to always write for human visitors and not search engine spiders. Providing you are writing interesting and helpful text you are unlikely to go too far wrong. Remember though to always fill in your page title and meta description correctly (60 characters and 158 characters maximum) so that your description reads well in the search results. For example, looking for ‘web design in Glossop’ brings this concise, descriptive and hopefully alluring result for Dark Peak Digital

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