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6 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing



6 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing

In a world consumed by SEO, social media, PPC and content, it is easy to forget about the importance and influence of email marketing. However, this promotional and publicity tool should not be discounted too quickly, as a well-thought out and convincing campaign can have innumerable benefits.

In addition to promoting customer loyalty, enhancing brand identity and increasing exposure, it can also markedly improve bottom line conversions. Therefore, bear in mind the following tips and you’ll reap the rewards of email marketing.

  1. Make it easy for consumers to sign-up

In order to implement a successful email marketing campaign, you’ll first need a list of interested recipients. The best way to do this is to place a link or sign-up form on your company home page. Sounds simple, but it surprising how many organisations fail to do this.

Don’t ask for too much information straight away, as potential clients or customers may feel uneasy about revealing personal details. Make it short, sharp and too the point by requesting a name and email address only.

  1. Send a welcome email and tell your subscribers what to expect

Good manners never hurt anybody and when it comes to email marketing, subscribers will appreciate a bit of common courtesy. Send a welcome email and say thank you for signing up.

Take the opportunity to reassure them that great content or offers are coming their way and provide more detail about what to expect. From company news and product updates to daily deals and seasonal sales, give your readers as much information as possible.


  1. Keep it clear, concise and to the point

Even though social media has taken over as the primary method of online communication for most people, email inboxes remain a busy and congested place. A lot of the time you won’t even have your audience’s undivided attention, which calls for clear and concise content.

Make your emails scannable by breaking the text up into short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points. Use a descriptive title and include several visual aids. Insert a ‘read more’ link, so subscribers can discover additional info if they’re interested.


  1. Send out content that is relevant to your customers

One of email marketing’s many advantages is that it allows you to send different types of content to different types of subscriber. For example, a car dealership can send separate emails to those interested in new and used cars, servicing, repairs, or all of the above.

On top of that, segmentation allows you to target customer or clients according to location, interests or activity. If customers know that their wants and needs are being specifically catered for with highly relevant and engaging content, they’ll be more likely to convert.

  1. Include social media buttons

Despite the fact that subscribers could forward an email on to their friends and family, it is much more effective to provide links to web versions of the content featuring social media buttons.

That way, your audience can share your valuable message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other network of their choosing. With any luck, their peers will start viewing your content too and in turn sign-up to your email list.

  1. Test, examine and analyse

With more and more people using mobile devices to view emails, you need to know that your newsletter or correspondence can be easily accessed on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, make sure everything looks as it should by carrying out extensive testing.

Even if your email appears perfect, not everyone will share the same sentiment, so examine and analyse all aspects of your campaign. From engagement levels to conversion rates, every element can always be improved upon.

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